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At Fourjay Industries, we design and manufacture Paging Horns, Loudspeakers and Mounting Accessories, for a variety of applications ranging from background music and sound masking, to fire-safety public address and telephone based paging systems. We also sell a wide variety of Amplifiers, Attenuators, Transformers and Customized products for specialized applications. Our customers are primarily Low Voltage (70/25V Constant Voltage) Sound Contractors, and Electrical Engineering and Information Technology based companies, that design and install distributed sound and paging systems. This Website has a partial listing of what we can do for your company. We can customize any of our products to suit your application. Contact us at Or call us directly at (866) 492-1772; we’d love to help you.

  • Compression Driver Re-Entrant Horn Speakers

    Compression Driver Re-Entrant Horn Speakers

    Fourjay re-entrant horn speakers feature a highly efficient compression driver, weather resistant construction and UV resistant materials. Excellent directivity, and noise penetration as speaker and good sensitivity as a microphone in two way systems. Cable input for fast hard wiring. Mounting accessories available.
  • Background Music Speakers

    Background Music Speakers

    We have a wide variety of high-efficiency, 70/25volt based loudspeakers that are designed to provide , unparalleled clarity in the midrange sound frequencies. This provides a pleasing “non-fatiguing” sound quality for background music while preserving the intelligibility of the human voice….
  • Sound Masking Loudspeakers

    Sound Masking Loudspeakers

    Sound masking is the technique of using electronically generated sound to mask private conversations, or unwanted background sounds. Sound masking is typically used in doctor's offices, churches, business offices, defense agencies and other places where speech privacy is required. Sound masking can provide a low-cost solution to maintain privacy.
  • Marine Hailing Paging Horns

    Marine Hailing Paging Horns

    Fourjay re-entrant Marine horn speakers feature an integral compression driver, weather resistant construction and UV resistant outdoor appliance grade materials. Excellent directivity, sensitivity and noise penetration as a speaker and as microphone in two-way systems. Marine white color. Cable input for fast hard wiring. Mounting accessories available.
  • Tamper and Vandal Resistant Loudspeakers

    Tamper and Vandal Resistant Loudspeakers

    Industrial, Institutional or Residential alarm or paging applications where vandalism is an issue, we have ear piercing horn loaded loudspeakers mounted in tamper resistant rugged metal enclosures.
  • Plenum Rated Fire Safety Signaling Devices

    Plenum Rated Fire Safety Signaling Devices

    For drop-ceiling applications, where a separation needs to be maintained between the plenum and the living space, Fourjay Industries has metal tile-bridges and back-cans or protective enclosures that are UL listed.
  • Amplifiers, Attenuators, etc.

    Amplifiers, Attenuators, etc.

    At Fourjay Industries you’ll find everything you need for a background music or paging system, from world class amplifiers made by Grommes Precision and Paso Sound to wall mount attenuators and plenum rated wire.
  • Baffles and Mounting Accessories

    Baffles and Mounting Accessories

    Low profile flush mount baffles for recessed ceiling speakers. Assemble to Fourjay standard mounting rings and support bridge equipment. Injection molded baffles are made of ceiling white high impact grade Polystyrene, or (X) Fourjay Flamex flame retardant ceiling white resin. Fasteners provided.
  • Foreground Music Systems

    If you need to crank the volume up and rock out a 70volt distributed sound system, we have just the loudspeakers for your application. Compact cabinet speakers with a “big sound”, and high efficiency Music Horns